Light signal decoder Swiss signal type L - Schalten der Signalbilder
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Light signal decoder Swiss signal type L
Mit dem Generator Typ L ansteuerbare Signalvarianten
Signalbilder bei Haupt- und Vorsignalen
Signalbilder bei Kombinationssignalen
Schalten der Signalbilder
Signal-Hersteller und erforderliche Decoder-Konfigurationen

Switching of the signal aspects

Signals of type L can display Stop and up to 6 Approach aspects as main and approach signals. The Approach aspect 4 is not existent anymore, and was rarely used anyway. It is not supported by the signal aspect generators, however can be retrofitted if required.

Setting of accessory addresses

The signal aspect generator for light signals of type L uses the following CVs for accessory addresses of main and approach signal as well as for additional light outputs:
Configuration variable Accessory base address for
Default value
CV9 / CV1 first main signal
CV551 / CV552
second main signal 4
CV554 / CV555 first approach signal 7
CV557 / CV558 second approach signal 10
CV560 / CV561 first light output 0 (= not switched)
CV563 / CV564 second light output 0 (= not switched)

Tip: For signals that are consecutive at the tracks, the main signal address of the second signal can be used as approach signal address of the first signal. Only the main signal command is transmitted. The approach signals follow 'automatically'.

With the light outputs exit signals can be switched.

Switching of signal aspects

The signal aspects are distributed to consecutive accessory addresses:

signal aspect Switch command
Name Approach aspect general Default values
first main signal first approach signal
Stop - A plus_rot accessories address 1 plus_rot accessories address 7 plus_rot
Approach FB1 A minus_gruen accessories address 1minus_gruen accessories address 7minus_gruen
40 km/h FB2 A + 1 plus_rot accessories address 2 plus_rot accessories address 8 plus_rot
60 km/h FB3 A + 1 minus_gruen accessories address 2 minus_gruen accessories address 8minus_gruen
90 km/h FB5 A + 2 plus_rot accessories address 3 plus_rot accessories address 9 plus_rot
short Approach
FB6 A + 2 minus_gruen accessories address 3 minus_gruen accessories address 9minus_gruen

Each type L-signal occupies an address space of 3 accessory addresses, which should not be used by other accessories - even if not all signal aspects are used for a specific Hl-signal.



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